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Real Credibility

If you are like me I wanted NOTHING to do with startup, ground-floor opportunities. It takes several years to build up a solid...

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Real Profit

Have you ever recommended a good book or a good movie to someone? Well, when you recommend that others set up an account with...

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Real Products

Think of all the home-businesses that you've heard of over the years where customers buy ONCE and you never see them again. In our...

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Real Support

You can build a WORLDWIDE income using your computer and an Internet connection. Millions of stay-at-home moms and dads...

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About Me

About Me

Our partner company manufactures over 500 wellness focused, environmentally safe products, sells them at reasonable prices, and gives all customers the opportunity to share in the revenues. By manufacturing in North America, on demand, and eliminating the costs of warehousing / distribution, advertising, and delivery to stores, the company saves the customer money, creates customer loyalty, and provides an opportunity for customers to build a sensible business with residual income.

Since its inception in 1985, this wellness focused manufacturing giant has been one of the fastest-growing businesses in America, with annual sales that have grown well over $1.5 billion per year.

Each year in mid-October, Inc. magazine releases its INC. 500 issue, which lists the fastest growing privately held U.S. companies. Our partner company has been listed in Inc. 500 an incredible five times. Now, Inc. Magazine has added them to the prestigious Inc. 500 Hall of Fame!

Only 65 companies in history have been inducted into the Hall of Fame. You will find that this is one of the few companies on the list that has maintained an "A" profit rating each year, indicating a healthy, growing and vibrant organization. In fact, they are completely debt free.

We attribute this growth and success to a North America made unique product line, delivered fresh monthly right to your front door that delivers outstanding value as compared to the typical grocery store brands. We invite you to try our brand, we are confident you will love it!

Business: (780) 436-6272
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